Jerry Bennett Excellence in Volunteer Administration Award

Criteria: The Nominee's exemplary performance reflects competency in seven areas of volunteer administration. The nominee demonstrates ethical behavior and a commitment to continued professional development.

PART I.  Please provide a short description of how, within the last year, the nominee has demonstrated competency in each area. Please include details on the impact of their work.

  1. How does nominee access, develop, and implement volunteer recruitment initiatives that meet the needs of the agency?
  2. How does the nominee develop and implement orientation and initial training? What creative initiatives has the nominee developed to engage volunteers in continuing educational / learning opportunities?
  3. How does the nominee manage the volunteer program to meet the needs of the agency (fiduciary, compliance and personnel)?
  4. How does nominee manage effective program, keeping volunteers engaged, happy and advocating for the organization?

PART II.  The Association of Volunteer Administration (AVA) sites specific ethical standards as the hallmark of the volunteer management profession.  Those who mobilize, direct and motivate volunteers should exhibit the following ethical values:

  • Citizenship and Philanthropy
  • Respect and Responsibility
  • Caring
  • Justice and Fairness
  • Trustworthiness

Describe specific examples of how nominee has demonstrated at least three of the professional values listed above.

PART III.  Please list professional development opportunities the nominee has participated in to strengthen their professional knowledge.

If you believe there is a person within your organization that is deserving of this recognition please complete the attached nomination form and mail it to
PO Box 10721
Rochester, NY 14610

All nominations must be postmarked by May 1, 2023

The Jerry Bennett Excellence in Volunteer Administration Award will be presented at the annual RAAVS symposium, giving recognition to the organization and the volunteer administrator.

 The Jerry Bennett Excellence in Volunteer Administration Award 2019

Karen Stolt, Lolypop Farm

 The Jerry Bennett Excellence in Volunteer Administration Award 2019

Lani Sherrill with Girl Scouts of Western New York