February is National Time Management Month

Do you ever wonder who comes up with these themes? Sure, some are based on holidays or birthdays of famous people. For instance, February is also Black History Month. Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, and Martin Luther King Day are celebrated this month too.

Chase’s Calendar of Events is probably an old-school marketing tool, but I think it’s still useful to track what holidays and events are going on and I think every non-profit can find at least two special holidays each year that are a perfect fit to what they do. Sometimes you can tie into bigger national ones where an organization is hosting a list of activities/events going on that you can be included in to get more exposure for your nonprofit.

2015Chasescalendarofevents.com I found 26 other days/monthly themes for February if National Time Management Month is too serious for you…

Have some fun with it--I found 2 days you might like:
 Blame Someone Else Day, on the first Friday the 13th of the year, is to share the responsibility and the guilt for the mess we’re in. Blame someone else!
 Get a Different Name Day – look it up!

Joan Rohr, RAAVS Membership