Coaching Volunteers

As we begin our 2015-2016 RAAVS program year with the theme “Teaming Up for Excellence” here are some coaching tips to help you be the kind of “coach” that always puts “players” first.

*Speak honestly in the preseason. No flowery promises of playing time.
* Be consistent: a team rule is a team rule, no matter who the player is.
* Take time to encourage and instruct individual players.
* Challenge them.
* Don't say, "Don't!" Be positive in your approach instead of negative.
* Listen to your players: their frustrations, conflicts.
* Be in tune with team chemistry and address team conflicts. Ignoring them won't make them go away.
* Model respect--towards refs, opponents, parents, players, everyone.
* Laugh with your players. Coaches don't earn respect by being grumpy.
*. Mix it up: make it fun, and make them want to work hard.
* Be teachable. Just because you're coaching doesn't mean you know it all.
* Take the blame when you lose; give the team credit when you win.
* Always put safety first. Have proper equipment, proper water breaks, proper first-aid.
* Encourage players to come talk to you if they have questions.
* Organize yourself. Everyone will appreciate it.

As a “coach”, you will never please everyone. Accept that and make it your goal to do what you do for the sake of the “players”. If you do, you will be a “coach” that truly makes a difference.

Adapted from an article titled 25 Coaching Tips by SignUpGenius.