ROC the Day Dec 8, 2011

Consider supporting our member agencies who are participating in this one day of giving!

Ready, Set, ROC!
It's almost time! Come back on December 8 to ROC the Day. It'll be 24 hours of unprecedented online community giving, and you won't want to miss it. In the meantime, check out the list of 500+ awesome causes that will be ROC'n all day and night.
Who can I ROC the Day for?

If that's not reason enough to give on December 8, try this on for size—24 lucky ROCstars are going to be given an extra $500 to use toward the charity of your choice! Who will you pick to get an extra boost? Start thinking because it could be you!
Hey you not-for-profits...
Yeah, you. Have you heard about the Rochester Area Community Foundation challenge? Be the organization with the most donors on December 8 in one of these categories—Arts & Culture, Community Benefit & Economic Development, Human Services or Environment—and you'll get an extra $5,000. Check out the full details here.